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The nutrient data for beef cuts are based on cuts that have been trimmed of visible fat.
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How Does Beef Compare?

How Does Beef Compare?

When it comes to fat, lean beef compares favourably to chicken and fish. About half of the total fat in beef is in the form of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). And about 30% of the saturated fatty acids (SFA) in beef are in the form of stearic acid which does not raise LDL blood cholesterol.

What types of fat are in beef?

Fatty acid profile of beef

Lean Canadian beef compares favourably to chicken without the skin

Beef compared with Chicken

Lean Canadian beef compares favourably to fish

Beef compared with Fish

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Lean on Canadian Beef. Bite for bite Canadian beef is a nutrient rich choice for you and your family. Watch our video or visit our FAQ page.

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