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Compare the nutrient value of various cuts of beef in our handy interactive guide. Compare up to four different cuts at once.

The nutrient data for beef cuts are based on cuts that have been trimmed of visible fat.
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Made in Canada

Made in Canada: Real. Authentic. Beef.

Meet some of Canada’s proud beef ranchers and farmers as they tell of their life’s work and their commitment to bring world-class beef to you. Real folks with real stories, and as always from Canada Beef, you’ll find great recipes to inspire you to share beef at your table.

Canadian beef is your local beef, with 83,000 beef farmers and ranchers in each province across the country contributing more than $20 billion to our economy.

Canadian beef is in demand. Canada is one of the top 10 beef-producing countries in the world and the third largest beef exporter. Canadian beef is world-class beef right in your own backyard.

There’s a deep history and culture on our cattle ranches and farms, with a respect for the land that has sustained generations. It’s the pride of the people—for their land, their work and their families.

Canadian beef is your local beef. The best beef by far—and near.

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Lean on Canadian Beef. Bite for bite Canadian beef is a nutrient rich choice for you and your family. Watch our video or visit our FAQ page.

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