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Bring dinner to the table in this all-in-one platter presentation for an easy way to entertain. Include lean beef options like Beef Sirloin Tip or Strip Loin Grilling Steak. View recipe.»

Can Protein Help with Weight Loss?

What's New – Can Protein Help with Weight Loss?

Eating protein-rich foods with your meals and snacks may help to curb hunger between meals.

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What's in Beef?

The Nutritious Butcher

Virtual Beef Counter

Compare the nutrient value of various cuts of beef in our handy interactive guide. Compare up to four different cuts at once.

The nutrient data for beef cuts are based on cuts that have been trimmed of visible fat.
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Steak for Goodness Sake

Enjoy power-packed grilled lean Flank sliced and served up with an abundance of lightly dressed crunchy veggies and rice noodles.

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Eat Smart

Eat Smart Healthy Living

Zinc. One of life's little wonders...

Although rarely discussed at dinner parties, zinc is an essential mineral that plays many vital roles. It's one of those micro-nutrients you body's just got to have. Here's how it contributes to your good health and how to get enough. Full storygo

How To!

How to Eat the Nutrient-Rich Way

How to Eat the Nutrient-Rich Way

Bite for bite, nutrient-rich foods, like beef, provide more of the nutrients healthy bodies depend on. Most Canadians eat an abundance of foods, but many of us don’t get the nutrients we need for good health. So what does it mean to eat the nutrient-rich way?
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Bright Ideas

Pan Searing

Here at Beef Info

We're always looking for new tips and tricks to help us get a nutritious dinner on the table (and fast!). Full storygo

Choose the Right Cut

Eating Smart Video

Lean on Canadian Beef. Bite for bite Canadian beef is a nutrient rich choice for you and your family. Watch our video or visit our FAQ page.

Eat Smart

Put More ‘D’ in Your Diet

Put More ‘D’ in Your Diet

Known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, vitamin D is made in the body when our skin is exposed to sunlight. We can also get it from foods. But research suggests the majority of Canadians are probably not getting enough vitamin D. Learn how to include it in your diet.
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